An application program, or application, is a program intended to perform certain tasks and is designed for direct interaction with the user. In most operating systems, application programs cannot access the computer resources directly, but interact with hardware and other programs through the operating system.

The application software includes computer programs written for users or by users themselves to assign a specific job to the computer. Applied Software is a variety of software, usually by third-party vendors, installed by the user in the Operating System. Examples are office applications (Microsoft Office, Open Office), graphics editors (Corel, Photoshop), in general any programs including games installed in the OS. An application program is a computer program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks or actions in the interests of the user. Examples of the application include a word processor, spreadsheet, accounting application, web browser, media player, console game or photo editor. Applications can be linked to a computer and its system software or published separately